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My name is Jun Taek, and I'm an undergraduate student at Grinnell College studying majoring in Mathematics and Psychology. Until recently, I was uncertain about what I wanted to do in life and where I saw myself in the future. Having done research in pure mathematics (ask me about hypergroups) and non-linear dynamics (and about multifractals), I saw a natural path in academia doing research. Specifically, I wanted to apply non-linear dynamics in cognitive science.

It was only recently that I found the amazing field of data science. Upon a friend's suggestion, I took the Machine Learning course on Coursera taught by Professor Andrew Ng at Stanford University, and I was astonished by the wonderfully complex and fascinating methods data scientists use to answer complicated questions. My favorite problem so far is a simple one--can you create a model to distinguish dogs and cats from an image (thanks Kaggle)? I feel very strongly about pets, if you couldn't tell (dog person here).

I am still learning and exploring about where I want to apply data science in the future, but so far I am thinking about applications in cognitive sciences or at mission driven NPOs or businesses, like LinkedIn or Unilever. I am also passionate about education, so I would be interested in pursuing data science education at some point down the line.

Please check out my CV for my qualifications and contact information.

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