Data Science at Grinnell College

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Over the last semester, I have been talking to lots of people who say they are interested in data science, but don’t seem to know what data science is or have little motivation to pursue it at Grinnell. That’s a fair position to take because Grinnell College has such few resources about data science. Few professors have expertise in the area although it is such a popular subject.

Fortunately for us, Grinnell College just received the $200,000 Carver Grant to build a comprehensive curriculum in data science over the next two years. This curriculum will then lead up to an official Data Science concentration (finally!). Anyways, given the growing craze about data science, I wanted to get students interested in data science together to learn the basics about data science and then work on independent projects together.

Every week, I will be teaching basic concepts in data science, focusing on machine learning methods, for as long as people need help. I will post the summaries of the material here, so every Grinnellian can learn. By no means am I an expert, so please correct me when I get something wrong. I look forward to growing this club/meeting space to benefit all of us!

Jun Taek Lee

Jun Taek Lee

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